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Introducing Sleepout, the portable blackout curtain that creates darkness and improves your sleep quality anywhere.

100% light blocking. Installs in seconds. Totally adjustable.

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The Sleepout Curtain

Achieve better, deeper sleep with the Sleepout Curtain, a portable, easy-to-install blackout curtain that can darken any room in seconds.

Made with high-quality OEKO-TEX® Certified 100% blackout fabric, locking suction cups that will stay in place until you move them, and designed with the planet in mind.

  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Health benefits of better sleep & sleeping in darkness
  • Reduce heating & cooling energy and costs
  • Brilliantly easy to install and adjust
  • Good for the planet: 100% carbon offset, sustainably made, and we plant one tree planted for each unit sold.

Read why the National Sleep Foundation named light as the most important external factor for sleep.

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Why Sleepout?

Sleep better in the dark, reduce stress and anxiety.

Studies from the Journal of Sleep Medicine show that even small amounts of light exposure while sleeping are linked with stress, anxiety, and other health issues in children and adults. There is evidence that even a little light hitting the eyelids can harm sleep quality. Sleep deep and peacefully anywhere with Sleepout.

Easy to install and adjust with no tools in seconds.

Sleepout uses industrial-strength suction to hang up and stay up until you or your loved ones are done resting. Sleepout makes sleeping in pitch darkness accessible any time to anyone.

Dependable, high-quality, and easy to use anywhere.

Made with OEKO-TEX certified, non-toxic, stylish 100% blackout fabric and proprietary Sleepout pads to block out light bleeds. Sleepout makes sleeping in the dark accessible to everyone.

The Sleep Environment Company.

Sleepout is deeply committed to environmental justice.

Sleepout is deeply committed to environmental justice. In partnership with One Tree Planted®, Sleepout has committed to plant a tree for every product sold, as well as completely offset all carbon emissions.

Sleepout uses only the highest-quality materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, and ethical business practices with top certifications in all areas to make a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Our commitments

Expert Sleep Education for Everyone.

Sleepout's Science of Sleep Series features the world's top sleep researchers, doctors, and behavioural sleep clinicians sharing their knowledge and answering your questions.

Dr. Michael Grandner, PhD, MTR, CBSM, FAASM
University of Arizona, US Olympic Team, & NCAA

Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, PhD
Stanford University, Light & Circadian Rhythms Researcher, Bio-X

Dr. Brian Rowe, MD, MSc
Canadian Institute for Health Research, University of Alberta

Dr. Sara Nowakowsky, PhD, CBSM, DBSM
Baylor College of Medicine & Society of Behavioural Sleep Medicine

Dr. Mike Gradisar PhD, M. Psych (Clinical), Flinders University & Founder of WINK Sleep

Sleep. Finally.

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