Lights out. Anywhere.

Sleepout is a portable blackout curtain.
It's adaptable, lightweight, and 100% light blocking.

Get a good night's sleep any time of day.

Darkness is essential for sleep.

The World Health Organization says we are in an “epidemic of sleep deprivation.”

Exposure to even a little bit of light at nighttime blocks your body's ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you get to sleep and stay asleep. This kind of light exposure is linked with depression, anxiety, obesity, and numerous health and heart issues in growing children and adults.

Anyone who has travelled knows the difficulty of creating a cozy sleep environment away from home, especially with the light flooding in. With Sleepout, you can travel with confidence that you and your little ones will get a great sleep anywhere, at any time of day.

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain

Designed with feedback from light sleepers and new parents to work well and be adaptable.
Features include:
Lightweight 100% blackout fabric makes any room darkClever design blocks all light (even the gaps around the edges!)Easily adapts to fit any size window (largest 54" x 78")Installation is a breeze (no tools required!) with strong suction cups that lock into place and won't fall off or damage windowsEasy to pack and carry on the go in a convenient travel bag


Sleepout’s mission is to help the world get a restful sleep anywhere.

We aim to provide one specific requirement for a good night’s sleep: darkness. Any time, anywhere.

We know how much a restful sleep depends on the dark. Diagnosed with insomnia, we are deeply familiar with the frustration this problem causes. We have spent hours trying to get temporary tension rods to stick and taping garbage bags to windows to block light, still losing entire days because of rooms too bright to sleep.

Sleepout is our better way.

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