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Hi! We're Mark and Hannah. Mark suffered for years from insomnia and needed to have every room he slept in pitch black. Hannah, well, Hannah dealt with towels and even garbage bags being taped to windows until she finally had enough.

We built Sleepout because we slept better in complete darkness. After our first night of good sleep in a dark room without the use of duct tape, we decided to share this. Our mission is to help people sleep better while doing good for the environment.



We develop innovative sleep products to help improve sleep quality. While we are beginning the Sleepout® Curtain, our patent-pending technology is versatile and will be extended to cover other products.


We partner with researchers and sleep scientists to play a role in making helpful sleep information and education accessible to everyone.


We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment from day one. For more information, visit our climate commitments.

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