The Sleep Environment Company

Sleepout is deeply committed to environmental justice.

We're a small company, but we've been committed to making a positive impact on the planet since day one. This means a few separate things for us:

Climate positive (beyond carbon neutral)

We will purchase carbon offsets for all emissions the business of Sleepout produces, including our flights, deliveries, ocean freight, and production. We split our offsets between protecting old-growth forests and direct air carbon capture. Sleepout will be net zero emissions every year including this one, not starting in 2030.

Sustainable design & manufacturing

All of our products will be made sustainably with reduced emissions and be long lasting (we ended up purchasing higher grade 100% blackout fabric that was Greenguard certified and our bag is re-useable) and will always look to optimize for this. 

One Tree Planted®

We are partnering with One Tree Planted® (organized registered charity) to plant a tree for every Sleepout Curtain sold, including all of our Kickstarter sales.

In partnership with One Tree Planted®, Sleepout has committed to plant a tree for every product sold, as well as completely offset all of its own carbon emissions.

We use only the highest-quality materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, and ethical business practices with top certifications in all areas to make a positive impact on both people and the planet.

We’re hopeful that others seeing a small company do this from the beginning will at least consider the planet alongside meetings where they focus on profitability.

We believe consumers are starting to care about whether companies have a broader mission for the planet.

And we believe that environmental and social responsibility is important for all of us.

- Mark & Hannah, Sleepout CoFounders