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The State of Sleep Research

Dr. Brian Rowe, MD, MSc
Professor at University of Alberta, Emergency Physician, Scientific Director of the CIHR at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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Science, research, and Q&A about all things sleep

  • Anatomy of sleep & sleep stages: What brain structures and processes are involved when your head hits the pillow? How do REM, light sleep, and deep sleep help you be at your best in the morning?
  • Sleep facts & myths: Does your body get used to getting less sleep? How does melatonin impact bedtime and wakeup? Can you train yourself or your kids to be better sleepers?
  • Sleep and children: What does "good sleep" look like at each stage of a child's development? How does sleep impact growth and learning? How can you help improve your child's sleep?
  • How to improve your sleep: Learn the habits, routines, and environmental factors that will help improve your sleep quality, starting today.
  • Sleep and performance: How much does sleep duration and quality impact daily performance, thinking, and memory? What kind of a difference does sleep actually have on your waking hours? How can you optimize to make every day your best?
  • The state of sleep research and latest sleep science discoveries: Can you communicate with someone who is lucid dreaming? How can you follow and participate in deepening our understanding of sleep and neurology?

Featuring top sleep experts & researchers:

Dr. Michael Grandner, PhD
Director of University of Arizona's Sleep & Health Program, award-winning professor and editors, sleep advisor to NCAA & US Olympic teams

Sleep and Performance

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Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, PhD
Associate Professor, Stanford University, Dr. Zeitzer's research focuses on light and sleep in shift work, jet lag, and sleep timing for teens

Light & Circadian Rhythms

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Sleep Consultant & Founder of Good Night Sleep Site, one of Canada's most recognizable sleep experts, Host of This Girl Loves Sleep Podcast and author of This Baby Loves Sleep.

Infant & Baby Sleep

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Dr. Brian H. Rowe, MD
Scientific Director, CIHR Institute (Canada's Sleep Research organization), Emergency Physician, and Professor, University of Alberta

Sleep Research & Getting Involved

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Dr. Seema Khosla, MD
Dr. Seema Khosla is the medical director of the North Dakota Center for Sleep and the host of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine's "Talking Sleep" podcast

Sleep & COVID

July 2021
7:30pm EST