The Sleepout® Curtain

A patented portable blackout curtain that installs anywhere and completely darkens a room for better sleep in seconds.

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  • Better sleep in seconds - completely darkens a room for better rest, anywhere you sleep.
  • Locking suction cups install easily and will stay up until you take them down.
  • Easily adjusts to fit almost any window, vertically or horizontally - no tools or extras required.
  • Block out light bleeds with innovative, reusable Sleepout Pads (a new kind of adhesive technology).
  • Highest quality materials: True 100% blackout fabric, OEKO-TEX® certified free of harmful substances.
  • Good for the planet. We carbon offset 100% of our emissions, use eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and plant one tree for every Sleepout Curtain sold.

The Sleepout® Curtain

Have you noticed you sleep better in the dark? We could all benefit from a darker sleep environment. Read about why the National Sleep Foundation named light as the most important external factor for sleep.

Our easy-to-install, incredibly effective portable blackout curtain doesn't only help create the ideal sleep environment, it also helps make your daytime better with the added health benefits of improved sleep quality. Be it more energy, reduced depression & anxiety, a boosted metabolism, or just a better mood — investing in your sleep is investing in yourself.

Good for your sleep, good for the planet.

Sleepout is deeply committed to environmental justice. Our mission is to leave the world better off than where we started.

Your purchase has impact. In partnership with One Tree Planted®, we plant one tree for every Sleepout Curtain sold.

We also offset 100% of our carbon emissions, use sustainable manufacturing and ethical business practices, and make our products with high-quality materials that are designed to last.

Installation is a breeze

Install and adjust in seconds. No tools or extras required.

1. Lock the suction cups in place.

Sleepout's patent-pending locking suction cups will stay in place until you take them down. You can install them at any width. They are industrial-strength and completely adjustable.

1. Press the curtain to the cups.

After locking in the suction cups, installing the curtain is as easy as pressing the curtain to the cup. The easiest install possible, every time.

3. Block out light bleeds.

The proprietary reusable Sleepout Pads block out light bleeds, stick to all surfaces (including wood, painted drywall, and even fabric!) and won't damage windows or take paint off your walls.

4. Rest easy.

No struggling or tools required. Sleepout installs and adjusts in seconds for total darkness and a restful sleep anywhere.

“I bought this curtain for our youngest daughter’s room. She wakes with the sun and I can’t wait to get this on her window. ☺️.”

- Shannon R.

“It is so difficult to find the right blackout curtain. I work 3rd shift so have been trying masks but they make me sweat which makes it hard to sleep. This curtain checks all my boxes.”

- TJ M.

“To get my 8 year old daughter the quality sleep she deserves and needs. Right now i have a sheet, a curtain, and a comforter pinned over the window. Ah, the mid-west and “day light savings”.

- Aaron C.

As easy as counting sheep.

Designed in Canada with the highest quality standards, and environmental considerations every step of the way.

Humans sleep better in the dark.

We compared Sleepout's 100% light-blocking material to the other options in our bedroom.

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